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Our service advantage

Persevered in "Customer First" and " Market Orientation", Sunlaser have now built the sound network and system of market service with more than 40 offices in the main central cities in China. "Close to clients and extend the service" is fully available. The nationwide sales and service network ensures our fast and in-time response to clients' needs.

The prerequisite for "Customer First" is the reliable, stable product quality and advanced technology. Sunlaser have the authority certificates of ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14000 environmental management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system etc. Our fiber Laser marking machine, solid laser marking machine, solid Laser welding machine etc have CE certificates.

To insure our service work to be perfect, Sunlaser has a full clients management system, each client has an independent file and every service work will be taken record in details. In addition, Sunlaser have built a full service supervision system with unified behaviour norms and assessment criteria to insure superior service and service process standardization.

Pre sale service

1. Professional consultation: The information consultation about the products, price, technology, industry solution etc are available for you at any time, the consultation channels are internet, phone call, correspondence and site visiting.
2. Sample proofing service: Free sample proofing and samples post. 
3. Visiting reception: Clients can make appointment for site visit to our company and exhibition hall, accompanied by our professional receptionists.
Sale service

1. Honesty and fairness: No matter what amount of the contract, whether the customers are new or old, domestic or foreign, all will be treated honestly and fairly. 
2. Quality and quantity guaranteed: The terms and conditions stipulated in the contract will be implemented strictly, and multiple quality inspection for each equipment ordered by our customers will be done according to the strict product standard. 

After-sale service

1. Sunlaser offer free installation and adjustment on the equipment and free training on the technician for our clients, making sure the user learn how to operate the equipment and use in production as soon as possible. 
2. The equipment have one year warranty and lifetime maintenance. During the warranty period, if fault occurs or parts are damaged(except for the human factors and force majeures), we will repair and fix the problem free of charge. And the replacement parts required are provided by our company with no extra fees(except for the consumable parts). Clients only need to pay for the reparation at cost price after the warranty period expires. 
3.The life time software upgrade on the equipment is free of charge from the purchase date. 
4. Sunlaser will conduct regular visit to our clients every year and do technical support at any time. 
Service philosophy

Customer safisfaction: First class products with best quality and service. 
Professional: Professional service from professional team. 
Passion: Treat every clients passionately all along.
Fairness: No matter what amount of the contract, whether the customers are new or old, domestic or foreign, all will be treated fairly.
High efficiency: Value every minutes of customers. 
Rigorousness: Rigorous attitude and working style.
Responsibility: Clients needs will be placed in primary position with full of sense of responsibility.


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