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Fiber laser marking machine

  • 20W portable fiber laser marking machine
  • 20W portable fiber laser marking machine
20W portable fiber laser marking machine20W portable fiber laser marking machine

20W portable fiber laser marking machine

  • Model: SM-20
  • Laser output power: 20W
  • Laser wavelength: 1064nm
  • Marking speed: 250 characters/s
  • Product description: The wall plug efficiency of portable fiber laser marking machine can reach to 30%, it has good beam quality, no consumables, compact size and easy to carry.

The portable fiber Laser marking machine adopts fiber laser to output laser beam through high-speed galvanometer for laser marking with good wall-plug efficiency. It is suitable for marking metallic material and some non-metallic materials, especially for the application which has high demands on the fineness, precision and smoothness.
1.The fiber laser marking machine has good wall-plug efficiency.
2.Precision marking with super high fineness and 2540dpi resolution.
3.Air cooling system.
4.Compact design with small size.
5.Perfect output beam quality and high reliability.
6.No power coupling loss, reducing the operation cost.
7.Its laser is maintenance free with long service life, 100,000 hours no consumables.
8. Affordable price, low cost of investment, and high performance-price ratio.

Laser Power
20W, 30W, 50W or Above
Fiber Laser Brand
IPG, Raycus, JPT or Max
Laser Wavelength
Repeat Frequency
Marking Field
150mm*150mm or Above
Engraving Linear Speed
Min. Character Size
Minimum Line Width
Repeat Accuracy
Power Supply
Single Phase A.C. 220V/50Hz-60Hz (The power can be selected according to clients' country)
Cooling Method
Air Cooling
Power Consumption
600W or Above
File Format
All fonts and typefaces in the Windows operating system character library
The fiber laser marking machine is widely used in integrated circuit, mobile phone, precision instrument, eyeglasses, clocks and watches, computer keyboard, jewelry, hardware products, knife tool, kitchen ware, auto parts, plastic products, plumbing fittings, PVC pipes, medical instruments, packaging bottles, sanitary ware etc.


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