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Medical equipment industry

  • Medical equipment laser marking
  • Medical equipment laser marking
  • Medical equipment laser marking
  • Medical equipment laser marking
  • Medical equipment laser marking
Medical equipment laser markingMedical equipment laser markingMedical equipment laser markingMedical equipment laser markingMedical equipment laser marking

Medical products escort our health. Due to the particularity of medical products, they have strict quality standards and the sanitation and safety during processing are very important. Therefore, the marking requirements for medical products are very high. Conventional spray marking methods often involve the use of poisoning and environmentally harmful substances, they often cannot be used for marking.

Therefore, in medical industry, laser marking has also become the preferred marking method. Laser marking is a method of marking using high-energy-density laser to irradiate the part of workpiece, causing the surface material to vaporize or undergo a chemical reaction of color change, thereby leaving permanent marks. And, during processing, there is no contact on the surface of the processed article, no mechanical extrusion and mechanical effects, no cutting force, little thermal influence, which can guarantee the original precision of the medical product. At the same time, it has a wide range of applications, can mark most metal materials and non-metals, and the marking is durable and not easy to wear, which greatly meets the marking requirements of the medical products material speciality.

At present, with the continuous improvement of Laser marking machine types, the application of Laser marking equipment in the medical field becomes deeper and deeper. No matter in the precision of processing, the effect of marking, or the cost of manufacturing, the laser marking has the advantage that traditional processing methods cannot match. Because it ensures the high quality and precision of the mark, it guarantees the reliability of the system and excellent repeatability accuracy. At the same time, what kinds of information can be marked by the laser is only related to the content designed in the computer. As long as the graphic proof is designed by the computer, the laser marking machine can mark it accurately on medical products according to the graphic design.

Compared with the traditional medical marking method, the laser marking technology not only has more flexible operation, but also has higher reliability and more space for creation. However, with the continuous innovation of new technologies in the medical field or the constant changes of sensitive materials, the laser marking technology can not stop, it needs constant innovation and improvement for better meeting on the needs of the medical field, and needs to be closer to the development of the medical industry, so that the laser technology can better contribute to the development of the current medical field.


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