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  • Craft gift laser marking
  • Craft gift laser marking
  • Craft gift laser marking
  • Craft gift laser marking
Craft gift laser markingCraft gift laser markingCraft gift laser markingCraft gift laser marking

Craft gifts are a general term for art works with certain artistic value and economic value. It includes many kinds like pottery craft gifts, wood carving craft gifts, wheat straw craft gifts, arts and crafts gifts and so on. According to the material, it can be divided into crystal, charcoal carving, jade, ceramic, glass etc. The craft gift comes from life, but it creates value higher than life. It is the crystallization of people wisdom, fully embodies the creativity and artistry of mankind, and is an invaluable treasure of mankind.

China, as a state of ceremonies, has always had the tradition of giving gifts as a manifestation of friendship exchange and respect. With the continuous improvement of life quality, people's requirements for gifts are getting higher and higher. The application of Laser marking machine in the craft gift industry is also becoming more and more extensive.

The craft gift laser marking machine is divided into uv laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine. Each have their own characteristics. The fiber laser has high cost performance and fine marking with the characteristics of less consumables and less maintenance, the fiber laser marking machine has the characteristics of fine marking, fast marking speed, maintenance-free, no consumables, long service life and low power consumption. The co2 laser marking machine adopts RF laser and high-speed galvanometer, its laser marking is clear, the speed is fast, the yield is high, and there is no pollution, it is commonly used in wood, clothing, greeting cards, plastics, models, fabric cutting and other industries.


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