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  • Power battery laser welding
  • Power battery laser welding
  • Power battery laser welding
Power battery laser weldingPower battery laser weldingPower battery laser welding

The power battery pole current passing value is very large. At present, there are many manufacturers of power poles on the market. Most of the domestic power battery pole materials are imported from Korea. The battery welding quality has relation to the safety of users. If the battery has soldering defectiveness, it will easily cause the outflow or burst of battery material inside, affect the user's personal health and safety.
In the past, the phenomenon of cell phone battery explosion often occurred, most of the safety hazard are from the defectiveness of battery soldering quality. For this reason, the battery soldering problem has attracted the attention of battery manufacturers, they begin to look for better welding production equipment. And for the type selection of battery welding machine, the Laser welding machine has become their first choice. Compared with the traditional welding methods, the laser welding has higher technological level, considerable benefits and better solution for the safety problem.
Power battery laser welding machine industry features:
1. The ultra-fine locating rod makes it easier for small angle weld without changing the position.
2. The new metal processing technology proposes higher quality demand on the final product.
3. By knob rotating, the laser cavity can move back and forth freely, facilitating the welding of large letters.
4. Easy adjustment on the parameters setting, up to 10 sets of parameters can be stored.


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