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Laser marking machine marking application on carton box

The continuous development of laser technology has made the application industry of Laser marking equipment more and more extensive. For example, mobile phone industry, jewelry, hardware products, kitchen utensils, tool accessories, auto parts industry, etc. can use Laser marking machine to mark products. Then, someone will ask the laser marking machine can mark on the packaging carton?

The answer is, of course, yes, using the co2 laser marking machine can mark the pattern and text needed on the carton. The co2 laser marking machine uses laser beam to mark permanent text mark on the surface of the carton. The marking effect is to expose the deep substance by evaporation of the surface substance, thereby engraving beautiful text, pattern, logo, date, etc. Compared with the traditional ink jet technology, the co2 laser marking machine has the advantages of clear marking, fast speed, high yield, no pollution, exquisite and permanent effect etc.

At present, co2 laser marking machine is mainly used in the situation with requirements of higher precision. It not only can mark on the carton, but also is widely used in craft gifts, wood, clothing, greeting cards, electronic components, plastics, models, medicine packaging, building ceramics, fabric cutting industry, such as leather laser marking, wooden packaging boxes, chopsticks lettering, pharmaceutical packaging box marking and so on.

Shenzhen laser marking machine manufacturer, Shenzhen Sunlaser develop the carton laser marking machine using RF laser and high-speed galvanometer, through the computer control the laser beam implements contactless marking, the graphics, text, serial number can be edited by software and changed conveniently. The production cost is low.


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