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Application of UV Laser Marker on Glass Products

Glass, a fragile product made of synthetic materials, and a transparent material, emits a tranquil and pure taste, showing the beauty of the form, the beauty of light and shadow, the beauty of imagery, the beauty of time and space, and the beauty of taste. Both have got involved.

Although it can bring various conveniences to production, it has always been the people most want to change in the appearance and decoration. Therefore, how various patterns and words are better embedded in the appearance of glass products has become the goal pursued by consumers.

Exquisite ear cups

The traditional processing methods have complex procedures, fewer colors, poor coloration, and high brittleness of glass, and are easily cracked due to high temperature and damage the material.

Goblet laser marking pattern

Ultraviolet laser marking technology surpasses traditional processing to make up for the insufficiency of processing accuracy, difficulty in drawing, damage to workpieces, pollution of the environment, etc., and becomes the new darling of glass products processing with its unique processing advantages. It is used in various wine cups and craft gifts. Other industries include the necessary processing tools.

The UV Laser marking machine developed and produced by Shangtuo Laser is an optical-motor integrated device controlled by a software system. The software controls the graphics and uses non-contact processing to prevent the glass from being damaged by external forces. Ultraviolet laser marking is cold processing, high beam quality, very small spot, ultra-precision marking of glass can be achieved by the recognition of various glass products businesses.


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