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Water dispenser metal inner tank laser welding machine

Water dispenser, is a household product that were born to solve the problem of people drinking water. It has become a fashion favorite among Chinese people because it can improve the drinking water quality and quality of life. In daily life, water dispenser has become quite popular. At the same time, some small diseases caused by improper use of water dispenser have become increasingly apparent.

Low-cost water dispenser uses a material called “stainless iron” as the inner tank. The quality of this inner tank is poor. After soaking, it will lead to heavy metal content such as lead, nickel and chromium in the water exceeding the normal standard. The apparently clean water may cause heavy metal poisoning if it is drinked for a long time. Therefore, the current water dispensers mostly use stainless steel inner tanks.

In order to provide people with healthy drinking water, the requirements for stainless steel inner tank welding are also very strict. The traditional welding method not only causes deformation and black on product, but also has a high scrap rate. However, the Laser welding machine will not cause the product to be blackened or cracked, and the welding firmness is equivalent to the base metal. Automatic mass production is also possible.

Stainless steel laser welding machine performs non-contact laser welding on the product through laser beam. Compared with traditional welding, QCW laser welding machine of Shenzhen Sunlaser has the advantages of high power density, energy concentration, small heat input, narrow weld seam and little deformation. And the laser beam is focused to obtain a very small spot, which can be precisely positioned.


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