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Laser Engraved Classical Instrument Playing New Movement

With the rapid development of China's national economy and the acceleration of urbanization, the state attaches importance to the development of cultural and sports industries, and adopts various policies and measures to support the development of cultural and sports industries. The Chinese musical instrument manufacturing industry, as one of the important sunrise industry in cultural and sports industries, also get the opportunity for good development.

Humans play musical instruments to express and exchange thoughts and feelings. The production of musical instruments is different from the production of general industrial products. It not only requires the product to have a reasonable and exquisite appearance, but also must have good acoustical quality, including tone and the specified pitch, so it is very strict in the materials selection and surface processing.

The antique instruments are always eye catching, and the laser engraved instruments break the sluggishness of traditional instruments, retain the essence of traditional music, and are popular with the public for their exquisite craftsmanship and unique ornamental value.

Chinese zither is a plucked stringed instrument and it is one of the unique national musical instruments in China. It has a wide pitch range, rich playing skills and strong artistic expression. People like to use laser engraving to decorate the Chinese zither, and convey their inner feelings through graphics and words.

The bamboo flute spreads widely and has wide varieties. The Chinese flute has a strong Chinese national character. With laser processing, even on its thin and curved surface can complete the carving of ancient poetry and famous quatrains.

Pipa, the first position of plucked instrument, is a traditional East Asian plucked stringed instrument which has a history of more than 2,000 years. The classical pattern drawn by the instrument laser engraving machine casts beautiful reflections with the panel.

These classic instruments are mostly made of wood materials such as sycamore wood, mahogany, red sandalwood, ebony. because these woods are tough, not easy to deform, and the sound conductivity effect is good. These artworks combine with laser technology, laser engraving equipment can carve beautiful patterns on wooden instruments, engraved with unique logo trademark, making the performance more beautiful.

Sunlaser's 30w CO2 Laser marking machine uses laser beam to carve permanent mark on the surfaces of a variety of different materials. The laser marking machine is specially designed for marking wooden crafts. Users can engrave on materials with different thickness to meet the processing needs of a variety of wooden instruments.


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