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Technical application of metal impeller laser welding machine

The impeller is an important component of the pump. Its size and accuracy directly affect the performance of the pump. Therefore, the requirements for the impeller are very strict.

There are three common welding methods for impeller welding: argon arc welding, electric resistance welding and capacitor energy storage welding. However, with the development of laser processing technology, Laser welding machine can also weld the impeller, and the welding performance is much better than the three previous welding methods.

Through the actual production in the manufacture of the pump impeller, combined with the advantages of laser processing technology and its processing method, and through the analysis of the macroscopic morphology and metallographic structure of the weld seam, and the tensile test of the welded joint, it shows that the laser welding can form good weld seam. It has small weld, narrow heat affected zone, excellent joint microstructure and mechanical properties, very suitable for the manufacture of pump impeller.

Compared with traditional welding equipment, laser welding machine has the following advantages:
1. Good welding quality, fast welding speed, low heat input, and high degree of automation.
2. The laser beam is easy to gather, align and be guided by optical instruments, it can be at the appropriate distance from the workpiece and can be re-guided around the workpiece.
3. No need electrode, no electrode contamination or damage concerns, non contact welding process, no pollution on the environment.
4. It can weld two different metals, and can switch the device to transmit the laser beam to multiple worktables.
5. Through the computer control on the laser beam processing, free from the influence of magnetic field, can find the welding position accurately.

Shenzhen Sun Laser Pump Impeller Continuous Laser Welding Machine welds workpieces by laser beam. The welding speed is fast, the precision is good, the speed of light is good, and the automatic welding positioning can be realized. The production speed is fast and the cost is low. 


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