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Personalized eyeglasses laser marking process application

The eyes are the windows of the soul. With your eyes, you can see the world's colorful scenery, you will see human emotions, joys and sorrows. With the influence of factors such as watching TV, playing mobile phones, and reading books incorrectly, there are more and more people with myopia, and more and more glasses are used.

Eyeglasses, simple optics made for the purpose of correcting vision or protecting the eyes, consisting of lenses and frames. There are four types: myopia glasses, hyperopia glasses, presbyopia glasses and astigmatic glasses. The Laser marking machine we are talking about today refers to the laser equipment engraving marks on the frame. This laser marking makes it easier for industry insiders and consumers to identify frame materials and related information.

The legs of the frame will have some characters in English, which are used to identify the frame. And with the glasses used for a long time, these characters will slowly fall off. This phenomenon, I believe that people who have worn glasses will not be unfamiliar. The laser marking machine can solve this problem. The laser mark is permanently clear and will not fade.

As the number of people using eyeglasses is increasing, people are paying more and more attention to the appearance requirements of glasses!

The eyeglasses laser marking machine, also known as the co2 laser marking machine, can engrave and cut beautiful texts and patterns on most non-metallic materials at high speed. The eyeglasses engraved with text and pattern information using the co2 laser marking machine are full of personality.


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