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Application of laser welding machine on washing machine cylinder

While the Chinese washing machine industry is developing, some problems are also emerging. In particular, the washing machine industry's normative standards are not perfect, the research and development capabilities are weak, the market cultivation ability is poor, and the safety and health problems are serious, which restricts the further development of the industry and the improvement of quality.

At present, the manufacturing technology of the inner cylinder of the fully automatic washing machine on the market mostly adopts the “buckle clasp” technology, and there is gap or unevenness in the joint of the inner barrel, resulting in low barrel strength and unnecessary wear on the clothes.

In order to further improve the reliability and refinement of the inner barrel, the washing machine manufacturers apply the laser welding technology to the new product of the uniform power washing machine, avoiding the gap and unevenness of the inner barrel. It improves the reliability of the product and further protecting the clothes. Due to the increase of the inner barrel strength, the maximum speed in the spin-dry process of the uniform power washing machine is also increased by 25% compared with the ordinary automatic washing machine, the spin-dry efficiency is greatly improved, with less power consumption and time.

The application of laser seamless welding technology brings a significant improvement in people's life quality. Laser welding technology is widely used in the washing machine industry due to its high energy, high precision and high adaptability. It is not only a technical guarantee for the development of new washing products, but also an indispensable technical means for high quality and low cost production.

Shenzhen Sunlaser's washing machine cylinder Laser welding machine adopts non-contact processing, which has little damage to the workpiece. It has the advantages of high efficiency, no pollution, high precision and small heat affected zone. Therefore, it is very suitable for the manufacture of light and beautiful home appliances.


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