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Laser marking machine automatic marking process on mobile phone IC chip - Shenzhen Sun Laser

The mobile phone chip is a classification of IC, and is a circuit module that collects various electronic components on a silicon board to achieve a specific function. It is the most important part of electronic device, having the functions of computing and storage. The chip is a carrier of an integrated circuit, which is divided into a plurality of wafers, and it is a general term for semiconductor components. A small chip is rich in infinite information.

On the surface of the chip, there are always some patterns and numbers for identification or other functions. The chip is characterized by small size and high integration density. Therefore, the precision requirements in the processing of marking the surface of the chip is very high. Under the premise of no damage on the components, clearly mark the text, model, manufacturer and other information.

The traditional IC chip marking method is the inkjet printing method. As the market continues to expand and the competition becomes increasingly fierce, the user's identification requirements for IC strips are getting higher and higher, and they have further requirements on corresponding marking device---printing machine. With the popularization of higher-efficiency printing methods such as laser printing and pad printing, the fully automatic Laser marking equipment with automatic loading and unloading functions has become the final choice for post-packaging lines.

Laser marking machine technology is a technology that uses the thermal effect of laser to ablate the surface material of the object to leave a permanent mark. Compared with traditional electrochemical, silk screen, mechanical and other marking methods, it has free pollution, fast speed, high quality, large flexibility, non-contact workpieces and other advantages. The automatic laser marking system is a comprehensive application of modern laser, computer, electrical control, mechanical design and other optical and electrical technologies.

Shenzhen Sun Laser Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a complete solution for the IC chip laser automatic marking system, which has been applied in production. Then let's find out about it:

(1) Design the overall mechanical structure of the IC laser automatic marking system. The structural design adopts modularization and can be reorganized to reduce the cost of replacement and improve efficiency. At the same time, the fixture can be quickly replaced to realize flexible production of multi-variety and small-volume IC chips.

(2) Confirm the selection of the laser to meet the quality and appearance requirements of the workpiece. Therefore, select the existing laser types and confirm the appropriate laser type and power.

(3) Guarantee the laser automatic marking precision of IC chip, based on mechanical positioning, combined with digital image processing card as the core image processing system, multi-axis motion control card controlled motion system and DSP card controlled laser galvanometer scanning marking technology, achieving high precision and fast speed requirements for laser marking of IC chips.

(4) Joint debugging and trial operation of the completed IC chip laser marking system, optimizing control parameters for different IC chip products, meeting equipment design requirements and IC chip laser marking accuracy requirements.

(5) Develop laser automatic marking control software, realize visualized man-machine interface based on object-oriented programming method, integrate laser, image processing system and motion control system operation.


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