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Private customized DIY personalized U disk - UV laser marking machine

U disk, full name flash disk, when U disk is connected to the computer's USB interface, the U disk data can be exchanged with the computer. Because the USB flash drive has the advantages of small size, easy portability, large storage capacity, low price and reliable performance, it has been loved by many people.

The main purpose of the U disk is to store data, merchants will mark their own brand on the U disk to improve the product recognition.

Merchants mark their brand name on the U disk

And fans will also mark characters or pattern on their U disk to show their unique personality.

Signs of zodiac

The patterns with personality that we have seen are all marked by Laser marking machines. The traditional marking technology has high pollution level, and the marked patterns and texts are easily erased, so it is abandoned by many manufacturers. While the laser marking machine has clear, permanent marking effect without pollution, so it is loved by many manufacturers.

The UV laser marking machine developed and produced by Shenzhen Sun Laser Technology Co., Ltd. has small size, good output beam quality, high reliability and low production cost. The marks are clear, long-lasting and beautiful with effective anti-counterfeiting feature.


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