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How much is a ceramic laser marking machine?

Common ceramics can be made into sanitary products, ceramic tableware, handicrafts, etc. And the use of co2 Laser marking machine to mark on ceramic products has become the choice of many manufacturers.

The Co2 laser marking machine uses laser beam for permanent mark on the surface of various different materials. The marking effect is to expose deep material through evaporation of surface material, thereby engraving exquisite patterns, trademarks, dates, logos or characters. At present, CO2 laser marking machines are mainly used in the occasions requiring higher fineness and precision.

The CO2 laser marking machine can mark on the ceramic surface, it is also called ceramic laser marking machine. It is equipped with high-quality optical devices, high-stability laser power supply, and fully automatic control system. The marking system of the whole machine has high precision, fast speed and extremely stable performance, it can work continuously for a long time.

The characteristics of ceramic laser marking machine of Shenzhen Sun Laser Technology Co., Ltd. are as the following:
1. Using RF laser and high speed galvanometer.
2. The laser marking is clear, the speed is fast, the yield is high, and there is no pollution.
3. Graphics, text, serial numbers can be edited by software, and the modification is convenient.
4. The laser is 30,000 hours free of maintenance, no consumables, low cost of use, energy saving.
5. Environmental protection.
The main marking products of the co2 laser marking machine are non-metallic materials. Generally, the Laser marking equipment includes galvanometer, field lens, industrial computer, software and laser source. The laser is imported or not, the different laser power, determine the price of the laser marking machine. And the power model configuration should be within the actual process requirements, the price of the laser marking machine can not be assessed without this consideration. 


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