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Laser welding machine application on jewelry - Shenzhen Sun Laser

Jewelry welding machines commonly have two types, one is jewelry Laser welding machine, the other is jewelry flame welding machine. Flame welding is a local heating process, which may cause stress or deformation in the base metal, so it is not suitable for welding jewelry.

Jewelry laser welding machine is one type of laser welding machines. It is a laser welding machine specially designed for the products of jewelry.

The principle of the jewelry laser welding machine is that the metal will undergo a series of changes under the action of the laser. The surface is heated by the laser and quickly conducts to the depths. When the laser power density is constant, the surface will be melted, and part of it is vaporized instantaneously when the laser power density is high, and a molten pool is formed on the surface of the workpiece. During the welding process, the molten metal is accelerated by an angle relative to the laser moving, and the temperature of the liquid metal heat transfer is rapidly lowered, then the liquid metal forms weld seam.

Jewelry laser welding machine equipment is a pulse welding method. The pulse energy and pulse width are adjustable during welding. The pulse energy affects the melting amount and the pulse width affects the melting depth. At the same time, the size of the welding spot can be adjusted by adjusting the focused spot through the adjustable external optical path beam expander. Compared with other welding processes, laser welding can implement the welding of many materials. It is superior in comparison, and the welded workpieces have little thermal deformation and high joint quality.

The metal jewelry laser welding machine developed by Shenzhen Sun Laser adopts ceramic condensing cavity, which is corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant. It has high wall-plug efficiency, and the service life of condensing cavity and xenon lamp are more than 8 million times. The protective gas is output to ensure the beautiful welding joint, the welding joint will not oxidize and discolor. The whole machine has 24 hours of continuous working ability, and the working performance is stable. Laser welding has the advantage of being able to achieve local small-scale heating, it is widely used in jewelry, batteries, mobile phone parts and other industries.


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