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Laser marking machine application in food packaging

Food refers to a variety of finished products and raw materials for human consumption or drinking, as well as articles that are traditionally both food and medicine, but do not include items for treatment purposes. Because food is given directly to humans, the packaging requirements are the most stringent.

Food packaging, as an important part of commodities, protects foods at all times. The safety of food packaging materials is also directly related to food safety. In addition, the marking information on the packaging is also an important and intuitive basis for consumers to determine whether the food is safe or not. The mark information on the package can be effectively transmitted to the consumer food sources, food materials, food effective date, storage conditions and precautions and other information. The news reported that many unscrupulous elements in the market tampered with the production date of foods and other information.

Most of the traditional processing methods use marking and inkjet to mark information. However, as long as the two marking methods use ink, they can be altered. The uniqueness of the marking information cannot be guaranteed, and the marking information is easily tampered with. In addition, some ink jet materials are harmful substances, which are harmful to the food itself and also cause environmental pollution. Seriously threatens the physical and mental health of consumers. Therefore, there are obvious defects in food packaging in this way.

The marking effect of the Laser marking machine is to expose the deep layer material through the evaporation of the surface layer material, thus engrave the exquisite pattern, trademark and text. Laser marking is a marking method that uses a high-energy-density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize the surface layer material or undergo a color change chemical reaction, thereby leaving a permanent mark. It has high marking accuracy, high speed, and marking. Clear and environmentally friendly, with no pollution, the entire tag information is portrayed on the product packaging, making it difficult to tamper with and counterfeit.

Because of the combination of laser marking technology and computers, computer-controlled software systems can not only mark all kinds of words, product marks, bar codes, and production dates, but also can customize individual patterns. Therefore, in terms of food safety, environmental protection, efficiency, and brand packaging, laser marking machines are undoubtedly the first choice for the food packaging industry. Sun Laser's food packaging laser marking machine has a clear laser marking, fast speed, high yield, and no pollution, and has won the support and trust of many customers.


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