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Application of laser marking machine in food packaging industry

The requirements for food packaging in the packaging industry are the highest and are closely related to people's daily lives. Therefore, people have always been highly concerned. With the continuous improvement of living standards, while people's spending power continues to grow, the requirements for packaging are constantly being strengthened. In fact, the food packaging has a non-negligible role in the sales of food. After all, everyone likes to look beautiful and easy to use. In the consumer goods industry, packaging has always been an important aspect of special attention, and especially food safety is the top priority of food packaging. However, while paying attention to food safety and the appearance of a beautiful package, people often overlook many details, such as ignoring people's feelings when they open food packaging.

In the most commonly used sealing type packaging, problems often occur, and sometimes even cause minor injuries.
such as:
When opening a peanut or salad dressing package, the contents of the package can easily spill out. This is especially the case with some tightly packed or unreasonably designed packaging.

It is also difficult to control the strength of opening some food packaging because the tearing of the tear line or the tearing of the thread by mechanical means is usually done with great force.

Current advanced laser technology gives us a solution to the problem. The laser system can select a single thin film layer in the flexible package for marking.

In doing so, it achieves the perfect tearing effect of the flexible packaging, and can maintain the integrity of the film, so that the outer film is intact and not damaged, so that we can effectively prevent the occurrence of problems such as visible light and moisture in the packaged goods.

Secondly, today's advanced Laser marking machine system can be completely free to scramble in a free combination manner, for example, many of the snack packaging used today, in accordance with the outline of the printing pattern on the packaging to design the style of marking, such a marking method is Is the advantage of laser marking system.

When the packaging tape needs to have holes, the laser system can make holes in the packaging for “ventilation and preservation”. This is the most leading technology in the world. It can increase the shelf life of products in the package by punching, or cater to the products through the microwave oven. The pressure on food packaging after heating.

Now, the laser perforation line has been able to achieve the effect of tearing the entire package along the dotted line.

Unlike mechanical tools such as spiral knives or punches, laser work does not require direct contact, and only minimal wear and tear can provide the best possible processing.

Application of laser marking technology:
Laser scribing is a technique that uses lasers to achieve "easy-to-open" effects on multilayer composite packaging materials.

Traditional tools tend to draw lines too deep, resulting in damage to the composite layer of the product packaging; or the lines are too shallow, so that consumers need to spend a lot of effort to tear the package.
Here I want everyone to be more or less annoyed by the opening up of food packaging that is "hard-core"!

Laser scribing technology is a more advanced and flexible technology. The laser scribing technology concentrates the laser energy on the film layer that needs to be streaked without damaging the entire film.
Because composite membranes such as PET, PP or PE have different absorption and emission carbon dioxide laser wavelength characteristics, when one layer of thin film absorbs laser energy and disappears, the other thin film layers remain 100% intact. To any influence.

On the other hand, aluminum foil or other metal-plated films act as a barrier to the laser from reaching other material layers.

Therefore, the characteristics of these materials enable laser technology to accurately position and scribing the packaging material.

At the same time, the tear line is clearly visible through the human eye, so tearing the package is a breeze for the consumer.

In this regard, it is worth noting that the laser marking technology is a non-contact and non-abrasive process for food packaging, so it also ensures that the products in the packaging will not be damaged due to the packaging process, ensuring the stability of the product. With reliability.

Application of laser drilling technology
As we all know, the quality and shelf life of perishable foods depend on the balance of the air circulation in the product packaging and the humidity in the packaging.

Therefore, in order to achieve sufficient holes in the package, the use of laser technology to make holes has become the first choice for perishable foods.

Current state-of-the-art laser equipment can provide various solutions with more product yields or process requirements. It can provide splitters with multiple focus heads to control the direction of hole punching. The use of polygonal prisms distributes the speed of light to multiple focus heads. Realize high speed scrolling.

Now, the best flexible packaging climate management package has an aperture of between 60 and 300 microns. The arrangement of the holes can be changed from one line to the next and can be synchronized with the printing.

Laser drilling technology is also suitable for packaging with pressure changes, such as food packaging that requires microwave heating.

For some of the more rigid packaging materials, such as PE/PE composites, laser drilling technology can make perforation lines containing 5-50 holes per 1 cm, which can completely achieve the effect of tearing the package along the dotted line.

The advantages of laser marking technology for food packaging:
1 Only the selected film layer is scribed, other film layers are not affected
2 can freely choose the shape of the scribe
3 Less loss and high reliability in the production process
Food packaging uses the advantages of laser drilling technology:
4 can accurately control the size of the hole and the number of holes
5 can be made of fine holes and the edges of the pores prevent breakage
6 can use high-density holes to create a package tearing along the dotted line
7 Low loss and high reliability in the production process

With the increase of people's spending power, better requirements are placed on the quality of consumer products. Humanized food packaging is easier for customers to accept, and it also plays a role in improving product sales.


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