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Laser welding machine application on mobile phone camera module

Mobile phone is an indispensable tool in life, it has the functions of communication and photographing. Mobile phone manufacturers often take camera function as an important selling point, which shows the importance of camera function in the market. Nowadays, smart phones are becoming thinner and lighter, and mobile phone camera modules are getting smaller and smaller. How to process such micro-components has become an important sector of development.

The mobile phone camera module consists of PCB board, lens, holder and color filter, DSP (for CCD), sensor and other components. With the realization of the anti-shake ois function of the camera module, it constantly challenge the existing processing and manufacturing technology, the entire production process of the camera module needs to be upgraded and modified. The distance between the welding spots is getting smaller and smaller, and the welding spots are getting more and more. Sensitiveness to temperature, the problem of spattering and residue in the welding process becomes more and more acute. Thus the accuracy of the production line, the cleanliness of the production plant, and the precision of design requirements will be more stringent.

When mobile phone camera module manufacturers adopt laser welding technology, the problem can be readily solved. Laser welding technology is an important tool in the field of micro precision processing. Its welding precision is very high and it is suitable for processing various types of components, especially in the field of cameras.

The Laser welding machine eliminates the need for tool contact during mobile phone camera welding, avoids the surface damage on the workpiece from the contact between the tool and workpiece, and it has higher processing precision. It is a new type of micro electronic packaging and interconnection technology, which can be perfectly used in the processing of mobile phone anti-shaking camera. Laser welding technology has a very wide application prospect in the production of mobile phone camera's core components.

On the mobile phone camera bracket there is a conductive module, and the conductive metal module inside is small and very thin. The laser welding technology can effectively strengthen the welding firmness, improve the conductivity and prevent damage.

The metal laser welding machine developed by Shenzhen Sunlaser is mainly used for the welding of thin-walled materials and precision parts. It can implement spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, sealing welding. The weld beam is smooth and beautiful.


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