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Laser marking machine application in mobile phone accessories - Shenzhen Sun Laser

Mobile phone accessories have always been a relatively popular industry. Exquisite accessories and mobile phones are combined to give people a different feeling. Mobile phone accessories include mobile phone pendants, mobile phone cases, etc., and the mobile phone accessories processed by use of Laser marking machine, the effect is even more unique.

At present, not only the styles of the mobile phone case are different, but also the materials are various. What happens when the mobile phone case of various materials meets the laser marking machine, let's take a look.

The first thing to say is this year's popular tempered glass mobile phone case. The mobile phone case made of glass has a mirror-like appearance, perfect glass touch and beauty. Glass material with soft silicone edge, the pattern or text marked by UV laser marking machine is instantly addictive.

The silicone mobile phone case is a colorless and flavorless mobile phone case made of silicone material, which is soft and feels close to human skin. Combined with fiber laser marking machine, the silicone mobile phone case has received the favor of consumers.

The wooden mobile phone case has no obvious reaction to cold and heat, and it is not cold in winter. Each shell stripe is different, especially the logo and text marked by the co2 laser marking machine are very unique.

The mobile phone shell laser marking machine produced by Shenzhen Sun Laser is beautifully and permanently marked, the pattern and text will not fade or fall off. The computer can control the marking and various patterns can be marked.


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