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Laser welding machine application in mobile phone SIM card slot-Shenzhen Sun Laser

Mobile phones have been an indispensable personal item in people's daily lives. A smart phone enables instant messaging, photo taking, apps, games, even purchase and payment. The SIM card is an indispensable part in the mobile phone, without it, the mobile phone cannot access the operator's network for communication service, it is also the ID of us for the network operator to identify. In the past decade, the evolution of SIM cards has also become a microcosm of technological advancement.

As the mobile phone grows larger, the SIM card becomes smaller and smaller. With the evolution of the SIM card, in order to make the small card adapt to the standard interface, the card slot has also emerged. In this small card slot, there are also laser welding technology.

Laser welding uses focused laser beam as welding energy source. When a high-intensity laser is irradiated on the surface of the material to be welded, part of the light energy is absorbed by the material and converted into heat energy to melt the material to achieve the purpose of welding. The metal laser spot welding machine has small heat affected zone, little thermal deformation and high weld quality.

Compared with the traditional processing method, the Laser welding machine has fast speed, high efficiency and good economic benefit, and it can obtain a large depth-diameter ratio, and is suitable for a wide range of materials. Laser micro-welding can also be used in PCB board soldering, phone receiver and antenna shrapnel welding. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost, small deformation and wide application range. More than 200 parts are focused on mobile phone, its processing technology can be regarded as one of the most difficult manufacturing technologies.

With the technological advancement of the microelectronics industry and the personalization pursuit of mobile phones, the fine laser processing technology plays an increasingly important role in mobile phone manufacturing. The 70W nanosecond pulse laser micro welding machine of Shenzhen Sun Laser has small focus spot diameter, which guarantees the power density and processing range of the welding. It is especially suitable for precision laser welding of copper alloy, nickel alloy and stainless steel etc.


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