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The hero laser welding machine behind the camera

Photographs of tourists taking photos of the sun on a trip, eating photos of food before eating, and having a good mood for self-portraits... The sunshine in the circle of friends has become the daily routine of most people. This is especially important when you have a camera with a powerful camera. Many mobile phone manufacturers have also taken great efforts in taking pictures.

“Two million soft and double shots, illuminate your beauty”, “This moment, more clear”, “Better people are more beautiful”... More than one affiliate around the camera function wants to “light up your beauty” "There are a lot of doors inside, and the process of making small camera components for mobile phones is not simple. Laser welding machines have been invaluable."

First understand a noun: VCM motor, VCM (Voice Coil Motor), Chinese name voice coil motor. Originally used to produce vibration and sound from the speaker, it is now used to push the lens to produce an auto-focus imaging module.

The main principle is that the coil and the lens barrel are fixed together, and the tension position of the spring sheet is controlled by changing the DC current of the coil in the motor, so that the lens barrel is moved back and forth with the lens.

The simple point is that when the phone camera focuses on different distances in the subject, this bauble will help the camera to achieve auto focus.

The VCM structure of different vendors is slightly different, roughly divided into the following major components:
Common VCM structure
Shield Case: Frame Frame: Bracket F.Spacer: Front gasket for insulation F.Spring: Front reed for carrying carrier, balanced moments Yoke: For fixing other components, Magnetic Magnet: Magnet for permanent magnetic field Coil: Coil, energized to produce drive torque Carrier: carrier for carrying the lens B. Spacer: rear gasket, used for insulation B. Spring: rear spring, used to carry the carrier, balance the moment Base: base for fixing parts.

There are so many parts in the size of the fingernail cover, and it can be imagined how high the precision of VCM processing is. In such a precise processing process, the advantages of laser welding can be fully utilized.
● High quality laser welding welds;
● Laser welding speed, high production efficiency, simple control and easy automation;
●Because the laser processing is non-contact, it can avoid the problem of residue and electrostatic phenomenon during processing.

Products Recommended:
The Nano Pulse Laser Welding Machine is a high-performance precision laser welding machine introduced by Sun Laser for customers with different types of high anti-thin-wall materials. The use of custom light sources, high-stability galvanometer system, high-precision CCD positioning system, and power monitoring system are uniquely tailored for dissimilar and high anti-thin-wall material welding, and it has an extremely high price/performance ratio.

Defining from "core": mastering core technology, low cost of maintenance and repair, extremely cost-effective;
Lightning delivery: oriented to customer needs, delivered within one week;
Trump services: More than 40 after-sales service outlets equipped with core spare parts libraries.

Product advantages:
● high photoelectric conversion efficiency, saving operating costs, custom light source to replace imported light sources, longer warranty, better service;
● Highly integrated modularity, strong product development, easy to implement automation;
● Integrated overall structure, small and compact, small footprint;
● One-stop control, real-time power monitoring.


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