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What are the applications of laser marking machine on mobile phone?

The rich 3C electronic products play a variety of roles in people's daily lives, providing information, convenience, and even inspiring everyone's creativity. In product development, being lighter, thinner and more portable is the designer's pursuit goal, which brings continuous improvement of new materials and new processes.
In the era of mobile internet, smart phone has become an indispensable convenient tool in our lives. The requirements of the mobile phone manufacturing industry are also getting higher and higher. At the same time, the laser technology has the advantages which traditional technology can't match, adapting to the technology trend of mobile phone. Mobile phone Laser marking machine is rapidly gaining popularity in mobile phone industry.
Laser marking is a clean, pollution-free and high-environmental processing technology. It has non-contact carving, no deformation on the workpiece, high precision of engraving, high clarity, and good permanent performance. So, on the mobile phone, what are the applications of laser marking machine?
1. Laser marking machine marks on the phone case

The phone case is the most obvious place to use laser marking technology. In order to highlight their mobile phone brands, most mobile phone manufacturers today will engrave the brand logo on the position of mobile phone back cover. These beautiful-looking and unique brand logos, in fact, have extremely high requirements for engraving. Back cover logo lettering must be done without any pressing or wear on the back cover.

2. Laser marking machine marking on mobile phone ornaments
Exquisite jewelry and mobile phone are combined together to give people a different feeling, and the mobile phone ornaments processed by laser marking machine have a unique marking effect.

3. Laser marking machine marking on mobile phone accessories
The marks on mobile phone accessories are basically marked by laser marking machine. Common mobile phone accessories laser markings are: mobile phone power adapter laser marking, mobile phone data cable laser marking, mobile phone bluetooth headset laser marking and mobile phone earphone wire laser marking.

4. Laser marking machine marking on mobile phone chip
On the surface of the chip, there are always some patterns and numbers for identification or other functions. The chip is characterized by small size and high integration density, therefore, the process precision requirement of marking on chip surface is very high. With the popularization of higher-efficiency printing methods such as laser printing and pad printing, the fully automatic Laser marking equipment with automatic loading and unloading functions has become the final choice for chip marking.

5. Laser marking machine marking on mobile phone components
With the technological advancement of the microelectronics industry and people's pursuit of personalization on mobile phones, fine laser marking processing technology will play an increasingly important role in the manufacture of mobile phone components. The common mobile phone components laser markings are: mobile phone motor laser marking , mobile phone middle frame laser marking, mobile phone camera module laser marking, mobile phone capacitor laser marking, and mobile phone diode laser marking and so on.

The mobile phone laser marking machine developed by Shenzhen Sunlaser has small size, good output beam quality and high reliability. The laser marking is exquisite and permanent with strong anti-falsification property, no corrosion on the workpiece surface, no "knife" wear, no poison, no pollution, low production cost. It has been favored by many mobile phone manufacturers.


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