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How much is the price of mobile phone back cover logo laser marking machine

Smartphone, nowadays, has become an indispensable part of our lives, especially after the emergence of payment methods such as online banking, Alipay and WeChat red packets, which makes us more and more inseparable from mobile phones. And laser marking technology is also compliant to the trend of society, leaving its unique mark on the mobile phone.

Today, the mobile phone manufacturer, whether it is Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, or some other brand, in order to highlight their own brand, will mark their own brand logo information on the back cover of the mobile phone produced. These beautiful brand logos are extremely demanding for engraving, and do not allow any crushing or wear on the back cover of the phone during the marking process.

Although the traditional marking method can mark on the back cover of the mobile phone, the marked information fades easily and the back cover of the mobile phone is a frequently scratched place, so the traditional marking technology is not suitable for lettering on the back cover of the mobile phone. While using Laser marking machine to mark the back cover, it adopts laser beam for non-contact marking on the product, the marking is exquisite, permanent, highly anti-counterfeiting and pollution-free.

At present, the mobile phone back cover laser marking machine is favored by many mobile phone manufacturers, so people will ask, what is the price of such a mobile phone logo laser marking machine?

Mobile phone back cover laser marking machine uses laser beam to mark the back cover of the different mobile phone with permanent logo. The marking effect is to evaporate the surface material to expose the deep material, so as to engrave the required text pattern information. The laser marking machine mainly consists of laser, galvanometer, filed lens, industrial computer, control card and cabinet.

The specific price of mobile phone back cover laser marking machine depends on its configuration and power of laser. The other is the brand of laser marking machine, branded products are always more expensive than the products without brands, brands are equivalent to giving us a guarantee. Shenzhen Sun Laser is such a Laser marking equipment manufacturer which can provide customers with service guarantee by complete customer service system, we can provide customers with excellent cost-effective products and efficient pre-sale, sale and after-sales service.


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