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Laser marking machine application in mobile phone SIM card slot - Shenzhen Sun Laser

Due to the large number of mobile phone parts, in order to better distinguish the functions of various parts, it is necessary to mark various parts, such as: card slot 1 (sim1), card slot 2 (sim2) and other location identification content. It is inevitable to use laser marking technology to whiten the material itself. The card slot itself is small, and it needs precise processing technology to engrave, without affecting the color of other zones of inaction. And the whitening on the stainless steel can only be achieved by Laser marking machine.

By controlling the energy of laser, the stainless steel surface only has a little melting and it solidifies before any harmful atmospheric oxidation occurs, which produces firm and beautiful white marks.

Sim card slot laser marking machine adopts fiber laser to output laser beam, and then implement marking function through high-speed scanning galvanometer. The laser marking machine has high wall plug efficiency and is cooled by air cooling. The whole machine is small in size and the output beam quality is good with high reliability.

The fiber laser marking machine developed by Shenzhen Sun Laser can be used for the special marking of the sim card slot. Compared with the traditional silk screen printing method, the fiber laser marking machine has beautiful and permanent mark effect. The marks will not fade or fall off with the increase of time, and will not cause SIM card misplacement due to the fading of marks.


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