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Laser marking machine application on mobile phone charger - Shenzhen Sun Laser

Mobile phone chargers can be broadly classified into travel chargers, hub chargers, and maintenance chargers, but in either case, the manufacturer's brand logo or serial number is marked on the charger.

The traditional marking method is the inkjet coding method, the ink is used in the inkjet printer. The inkjet printer consumes ink and diluent for processing, which will pollute the environment. And the picture text information marked by the printer is easy to fade and fall off. Used by criminals, it has caused many counterfeit and shoddy products.

The charger is a channel for connecting the mobile phone and the power supply. The quality of the charger sometimes directly affects our personal safety. Therefore, the manufacturer of the charger will choose Laser marking machine instead of the inkjet printer for charger mark processing.

The reaction mechanism of the mobile phone charger laser marking machine is implemented by photochemical ablation, that is, the laser energy is used to interrupt the bonding between atoms or molecules, so that they become smaller to vaporize and evaporate, thereby obtaining the desired text or pattern marks.

The UV laser marking machine developed by Shenzhen Sun Laser has good beam quality, minimal focusing spot for ultra-fine marking, exquisite permanent marking effect, and high anti-counterfeiting property. Ultraviolet laser is cold light source, when laser marking or laser cutting, the heat affected zone is extremely small and it has no thermal effect. Most materials can absorb ultraviolet lasers, so it has wider application range.


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