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Fiber laser marking machine logo marking application on flashlight

The flashlight is a hand-held electronic lighting tool. A typical flashlight has a battery-powered light bulb and focusing reflector, and a hand-held case. Although its design is fairly simple, the flashlight plays a very important role in the power shortage area in Africa.

At present, with the increase of manufacturers, the outer casing materials of the flashlight are also more and more, generally with plastics, metals, and metals with electroplated coating. In order to better enhance the brand popularity, manufacturers will mark their own brand logo on the product. The product logo marked by the traditional ink jet coding method is easy to fade and fall off, lacking of brand sense, which does not have the effect of promoting the manufacturer brand.

Not only the logo and text information marked by Laser marking machine are clear and beautiful, but also the text and pattern have a permanent effect, no fading, no falling off.

The flashlight laser marking machine uses the high energy of the laser beam on the workpiece to vaporize the surface of the workpiece or form a chemical reaction to form marks. The laser processing has no pollution source, it is a clean and pollution-free processing technology with high environmental protection. Compared with traditional electrochemical, mechanical and other marking methods, laser marking is not only fine and beautiful, but also environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

The 20W fiber laser marking machine developed by Shenzhen Sunlaser can implement non-contact welding. It has high engraving precision, and can mark plastics, metals and the metals with electroplated coating. The marked pattern information makes the flashlight exquisite, beautiful, high-grade, rich with the layer and stereoscopic feeling.


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