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Common problem

What is a laser marking machine manufacturer?

What is a Laser marking machine manufacturer? The equipment that the equipment has to understand. When customers purchase laser equipment such as laser marking machine, they will find that there are many manufacturers in the chaotic laser marking machine industry, and these large and small manufacturers will also quote different prices. Therefore, everyone will begin to be confused when buying, do not know how to start, but no matter who is the manufacturer, everyone should know the value of the truth, the following to analyze the price difference:

1, the price
Almost all customers consult Laser marking equipment is to put the price first, rather than to put the cost-effective first. "Comparing goods and goods" is the commonality of all people when they buy products, but compared to standing under the same conditions: things that show value are immediately obvious. For example: Taobao above see this phenomenon, fiber laser marking machine prices varied, expensive price up to more than 100,000, as low as 20,000 to 30,000. This makes consumers wonder, not knowing what kind of marking machine to buy. More than 100,000 were too expensive, and 20,000 were worried about quality. In fact, whether manufacturers offer more than 100,000 or 20,000, they have their own reasons, because they understand the value of money.
2. According to the type of company's business can be divided into four categories
2.1 R & D production type (including general R & D production type, comprehensive R & D production type);
2.2 assembly production type (including primary assembly production type, standard assembly production type).
2.3 OEMs (including non-prime OEMs and OEMs).
2.4 Various types of distributors (including network distributors, non-main business distributors, main business distributors)
3 Strong laser marking machine manufacturers have rich experience
As the saying goes, aging is good and the experience is the same. The longer the accumulated experience, the deeper the understanding of the UV laser marking machine and the strength of this manufacturer. Just as we usually shop online, the higher the grade when selecting a store, the higher the credibility, and we all choose shops that we believe in.

Shenzhen Sun Laser Technology Co., Ltd., which originated in 2004, is a high-tech enterprise integrating the development, production, sales and service of laser equipment. Through 12 years of persistent efforts, we have a research and development team composed of several doctors in optics. We are dedicated to providing domestic and foreign customers with a complete set of laser processing equipment, laser automation integration, and various automated production lines. The main products include: laser marking machine series, laser cutting machine series, Laser welding machine series, still extension laser equipment is widely used in mobile communications, electronic circuits, precision machinery, instrumentation, auto parts, lighting fixtures, jewelry, craft gifts , garment leather, aerospace and other fields.


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