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Laser marking machine application on computer mouse and keyboard

The computer keyboard is a channel for inputting control information of text information into the computer, which is derived from the English typewriter keyboard. When it first appeared on the computer, it was still a component called a teletypewriter.

Nowadays, computers have become an essential electrical appliances for every household, and they have become indispensable in people's lives. Both office workers and students, always use computers to find information, read documents, send and receive mail, all have to be done through the computer. The computer mouse and keyboard LOGO and the like, after long time use, the letters or numbers on them will disappear, how to solve this?

The traditional marking method is inkjet printing technology, although it can also be used to mark, when the keyboard is used for some time, the numbers on the keyboard and the color of the letters will gradually fade. When we use keyboard to type for a long time, our fingers will also become dark and cause us a lot of trouble. The cost of ink printing is also high, and it will pollute the environment. Therefore, in order to solve these problems, manufacturers choose to use Laser marking machine to mark the keyboard and mouse.

Compared with the traditional ink printing technology, the most typical point of using laser marking machine technology to mark the mouse and keyboard is the permanent marking effect. The marks on the keyboard with laser marking technology, no matter how long to use, the logo is always there, and the font will not fade.

If you want everyone to remember your product, you must have a good mark method, which will leave a deep impression on the customer with high retention.

The laser marking machine of Sun Laser is controlled by computer, it uses high-tech laser technology to laser mark on metal and various non-metal products, the marks will not naturally disappear due to environmental factors, but will be permanently maintained. The marks are not easy to be counterfeited, have good anti-counterfeiting function and low running cost. The laser marking quality is good, it adopts non-contact processing with no mechanical stress on processed materials, will not damage the processed articles, and can ensure the accuracy and exquisiteness of the marked graphics.


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