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Laser marking machine processing application in FPC industry

Nowadays, all of our electronic products use PCB, which can make the circuit miniaturized and intuitive. It plays an important role in mass production of fixed circuits and optimization of electrical layout. With the development of technology, many electronic products are gradually developing toward high density, miniaturization, and high reliability. Therefore, the size control of the circuit board is becoming more and more strict, resulting in the birth of FPC.

The FPC is a printed circuit made of flexible insulating substrate, it can be bent, twined and folded freely. It can be arranged according to the space layout requirements and can be moved and expanded in three-dimensional space to achieve the integration of component assembly and wire connection. With many advantages which rigid printed circuit board does not have, it is widely used in mobile phones, laptops, computer peripherals, digital cameras and other products.
At present, the global demand for FPC is gradually increasing, and Flexible Printed Circuit manufacturers become more and more. In order to facilitate management and differentiation, major enterprises will mark logo and text information on their own circuit boards. However, on the flexible circuit board, the traditional marking method is easy to fade and fall off, which causes the disorder of product model. In order to avoid this situation, a technique for marking permanent text information on FPC is needed.

The emergence of laser marking technology quickly solves the problem caused by traditional marking technology. The Laser marking machine uses laser beam to engrave the surface of various substances with permanent mark. Shenzhen Sunlaser's UV laser marking machine marks on flexible printed circuit, the marking is clear and permanent, the laser processing energy is concentrated, and the surface of the processed object is rarely damaged during the marking process. Its processing precision and marking quality have been effectively guaranteed.

Although the price of FPC laser marking machine is more expensive than that of traditional marking equipment, the laser marking machine has the marking technics which is difficult to achieve by other equipment, and the laser marking machine has high practicability and low failure rate. There is no toxic substances in the marking process causing environmental pollution.


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