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Love forever, accompanied on Double Seventh Festival - laser customization romantic love confession

It is said that love is an eternal topic among lovers. Those love stories which remain immortal have already become the most important day to express love in China - Double Seventh Festival.

Every romantic, sweet day, expressing love to the beloved she/he can not do without a gift of love.

Recently, laser engraved text on the Coke cans is very popular. The love confession is engraved on it, placed in a gift box, padded with raffia, decorated with the lamp band, It instantly becomes very beautiful as a love confession artifact.

In Chinese, the meaning of the cup has always been very good, the cup homophonic words in chinese is the "lifetime", a cup can be understood as all the life, representing the deep love between each other, sharing all the life, holding hands for a lifetime. Laser marked customization lettering cup, little happiness we can see.

"Give you a cup and accompany your whole life"

The girls love for lipstick has exceeded the imagination of the majority of male compatriots. In the world of girls, nothing is more important than a lipstick, if there is, then two! Laser custom made lettering lipstick, not only full of kindly feelings, but also has a collection value.

The Laser marking machine can mark fonts and patterns on many fine and precise materials such as rings, wallets, picture frames, watches, crystals, etc., and create a unique Double Seventh Festival romantic gift.


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