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Laser marking machine application in automotive supplies

Automotive interior mainly refers to the automotive products used in the interior of the car. It covers all aspects of the interior of the car, such as the steering wheel cover, car seat cushions, car mats, car perfume, car accessories, interior ornaments, storage boxes, etc. Interior products.
In order to make the car appear not monotonous, the owners will buy a variety of jewelry on the inside of the car, and the interior accessories decorated with a Laser marking machine filled with a pattern of fashion personality, loved by the majority of owners. So let's take a look!

Car key tag marking

Small, delicate perfume seat adds a playfulness and agility to the interior of a boring car

Small and exquisite car ornaments can well eliminate driver fatigue and increase safety. A good pendant and ultimately the processing of laser technology, bamboo pendants, crystal pendants, etc. can be used to mark the laser engraving machine engraving, you can also custom design patterns Oh!

The laser marking machine has already developed its unique brilliance in the automotive interior industry, and has increasingly become the processing equipment purchased by major manufacturers. Shangtuo laser marking machine has a small size, output beam quality, high reliability, low production costs, clear, durable and beautiful mark, has been widely used in all walks of life.


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