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Laser marking machine marking application on car wheel hub

Car wheel hub is an important part of automotive components. The increasing demand for cars has provided opportunities for the development of the automotive wheel hub industry. With the growth of China's auto parts industry, the wheel industry has gradually grown.

With the increase of production volume, when manufacturing car wheel hubs, it is often necessary to mark one or two places on the circumference and end surface of the automobile hub. When marking, first adopt two horizontally arranged rollers for the automobile hub positioning in the horizontal direction, and a vertically set positioning plate for the positioning of the end surface. In order to prevent malposition of the car wheel hub when marking, it need to be performed by manually pressing the platen. This costs too much auxiliary time, decreases work efficiency, and lightens worker's labor intensity.

The emergence of laser marking technology quickly solves these problems. Laser marking machine uses laser beam to mark permanently on the surfaces of different materials. It exposes the deep substances by evaporation of surface substances, the markings are clear and permanent with high processing efficiency.

The fiber laser marking machine developed by Shenzhen Sunlaser has small laser beam with good quality, low processing material consumption, small heat affected zone. Its non-contact processing causes no damage to the product without tool wearing. Marking quality is good, controlled by computer, easy for automation.


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