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Application of Laser Welding Machine in Car Seats Processing

With the rapid development of laser technology and the cost reduction of laser generators, the application of laser welding becomes more and more popular. Due to the high quality, high precision, low deformation and other characteristics of the laser welding process, and the basic requirements of the flexibility and modular production methods of the automotive industry at this stage, the application range of the laser welding process in the automotive industry becomes more and more extensive, from the beginning only car the key parts of the car use laser welding to now many automotive parts adopt laser welding technique widely.

Car seat, as an important part of automotive components, its manufacturing level is also improved along with the increasing level of automotive industry manufacturing process.

Car seat frame parts used by automobile manufacturers at home and abroad are welded by two parts using arc welding technology after multiple stamping, which results in a series of problem such as a large number of manufacturing processes and moulds, high manufacturing cost. At present, the the traditional welding method no longer satisfies the welding process of car seat frame. The introduction of laser welding has greatly improved the welding quality and production capacity of the car seat frame.

Laser welding is a welding method that uses high-speed scanning galvanometer for long work distance machining. It features high positioning accuracy, short time, fast welding speed, high efficiency, long working distance, no interference with the welding fixture, little optical lens pollution etc. The shape of the weld seam can be customized to any shape and the structural strength can be optimized.

Compared with resistance spot welding, Sunlaser welding technology fully utilizes the technical and economic advantages brought by non-contact laser welding, and combines it with the advantages of high-speed scanning galvanometer, it shortens the welding time greatly and improves the total production efficiency.


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