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Laser welding technology for the automotive industry revolution

Before the online rumors: "Individual cars only emgrand GL." As for who said the first sentence of this sentence, no evidence has been found. However, I think that people who say this are not the first to understand the development of autonomous products. Secondly, there is also a deep prejudice against independent brands.

Over half a century since the development of self-owned car brands, there have been a handful of successful products on the market. Especially in recent years, there has been a “hundred flowers blossoming” status. As consumers, we should have better knowledge of cars and ability.

Speaking of Changan Yidong, we all know that Changan Automobile's popular hot-selling cars are highly praised by consumers. The second generation of Yat is to strengthen the advantages of the product and further enhance the overall strength of the product.
In terms of appearance, fashion and sports product design is very much in line with the aesthetic needs of young consumers today. The aerodynamics and design aesthetics of the body streamline, whether it is static or dynamic visual performance, are enough to make people feel amazing.

To compare with Emgrand GL, I found that the technological advancement has enabled Chang'an Yidong to move away from Di Hao's GL in terms of texture. Only by laser welding, can one feel the two cars at a glance. It is not a heavyweight player. Therefore, when our consumers are choosing cars, digging into details can often see the essence of a car.

The emperor GL's apparent “piggyback” marks on the roof
Perhaps the consumer is not clear, where is laser welding? I will briefly introduce the shape and size of the laser beam to control the size of the heat-affected zone and the joint area, with high freedom and flexibility. Without limiting the size and shape of the parts to be welded, two-dimensional or even three-dimensional welding can be achieved.
Fast welding speed, high welding seam strength, no flash, no residue, can guarantee a good appearance of the welding area. Precision, airtight, and watertight, can greatly reduce the thermal stress and vibration stress.
Of course, if you want to introduce the process of laser welding in detail, there are no words or phrases that can't be said. Here I only tell you the most intuitive feelings: It looks beautiful and feels solid.

The second generation of Yat adopts roof laser welding technology
The roof laser welding technology is a very keen technology for Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen German brands. The products under this technology not only occupy certain advantages in the lightweight of the vehicle body, but also greatly improve the strength of the vehicle body. This type of welding has a small, high accuracy for the thermal deformation of the vehicle body and does not cause load concentration.

Therefore, we see products using the roof Laser welding machine technology. The roof is one. Instead of laser welding the roof, a certain ornament is required to “shave” (not exactly). When consumers use the car, the abnormal sound they hear is sometimes caused by the non-laser welding process.

The leading edge of the craftsmanship makes the second-generation Yidong move without competing products at the same level. Chang’an’s second-generation Yidong move has already entered the “price-price ratio” class. This qualitative change cannot be surpassed by competitors for a short period of time. .


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