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Which leather laser marking machine manufacturer is good

With people's pursuit of fashion, leather products are constantly diversified, functional, green, fashionable, and high-grade. In order to make the leather products less monotonous, manufacturers will engrave some patterns or text on them to increase the customer's desire to buy. At present, most leather manufacturers on the market use Laser marking machine to mark patterns and text on the product.

The leather laser marking machine uses CO2 laser to mark, the laser generator outputs high-energy continuous laser beam, after focus the laser acts on the printing material, then the surface material is instantly melted and even vaporized. By controlling the laser path on the surface of material, the required graphic and text mark will be formed. Compared with traditional processing methods, leather laser marking machine has many features such as high precision, fast speed, easy customization, cost saving, safety and environmental protection.

With the rapid development of leather industry, there is an increasing demand for leather laser marking machine in the market, so there are more and more manufacturers of laser marking machines. The customers will compare when they purchase, mainly compare prices, quality, etc. The market demand has become larger, the supply manufacturers have also increased, which results in the consequence that the market competition for laser marking machines becomes more and more fierce. Which leather laser marking machine manufacturer is better? Shenzhen Sun Laser has something to say:

For the selection of laser marking machine manufacturers, the most important thing is the machine should suit your product first, then to see its marking speed, the equipment service life, the effect of the branded logo is fine or not, and the after-sales service is thoughtful or not.

The domestic laser marking machine manufacturers have different starting points, the difference between them is also very obvious. When selecting a laser marking machine manufacturer, try sample proofing to test the effect first, it will help you to know which one is suitable for your own products. 


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