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Process Application of Glass Milk Bottle Laser Marking

With the loosening of fertility policy in China, the demand for domestic maternal and child markets has further increased. Newborn babies are all fragile in their body parts, bottles need to be used for drinking milk and water, so people have high requirements on the bottle quality.

At present, the bottles on the market are mainly divided into two categories: glass bottles and plastic bottles. Many plastic bottles release plasticizers at high temperature, which is a carcinogen, it is no small hazard to babies. The glass bottle is made of high-grade heat-resistant glass, which is a safe material with no carcinogen bisphenol A (BPA). It has high transparency and is popular among young mothers because it does not release harmful substances when it meets acidic or alkaline substance.

The milk for the baby has a certain amount. If the baby is given high or low concentration of milk, it will affect the normal development. Therefore, the bottle must have a certain scale, and the scale must be accurate and permanent.

Currently, the scale label and the LOGO logo of the manufacturer on the glass milk bottle are printed. It will fall off or blur with prolonged time of use, and it may dissolve when the bottle is washed in boiling water, which will cause some troubles for the mothers. The emergence of the laser marking calibration method on the milk bottle soon replaced the traditional ink jet coding method, which has been widely used in milk bottle market.
The reaction mechanism of the milk bottle Laser marking machine is realized by photochemical ablation, that is, the laser energy is used to interrupt the bonding between atoms or molecules, making them become small to vaporize and evaporate.

Compared with the traditional ink jet coding method, the advantages of the milk bottle laser marking machine are:
1. Laser marking does not add any substance, keeping the material safety of the glass bottle.
2. laser marking is clearly visible, permanent and will not be wiped off.
3. The beam quality is good, the focus spot is very small for super fine marking.
The 3W UV laser marking machine developed by Sunlaser uses cold light source. The laser has a very small heat-affected zone and does not generate thermal effects. It can quickly mark glass bottles with different sizes and shapes. It features low cost, energy saving and environmental protection.


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