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Button laser engraving process - stylish laser marking machine

In ancient Rome, the buttons were used to make decorations, while the clothes were fastened with decorative pins. Nowadays, the role of the button is the tie that is connected to the clothes, and it is also a decorative part that highlights the unique points of the clothes. In the design of clothing, the combination of points, lines and planes is crucial, and the buttons act as a form of points, which play a line extension and connection to the clothing design. A uniform but tight button on a simple piece of clothing, even if it is not distinguished by color and material, is also eye-catching.

A delicate button that can improve the grade of the whole piece of clothing. A good button can make your clothes more perfect, play the role of "the finishing touch" and play a certain aesthetic role. The distance between fashion and dullness is only a row of buttons.

Through the advanced Laser marking machine processing technology to change the shape and characteristics of the button, bring a sense of freshness to the human vision, the flexible laser engraving processing pattern brings different creative inspiration to the designers. The small buttons after the laser marking are dotted on the clothing, and the unique design makes a seemingly ordinary clothes instantly attractive and glamorous. In the creative idea of clothes buttons, the fiber laser marking machine can play a role of finishing touch.

Shenzhen Sunlaser's button laser marking machine uses fiber laser to output laser beam, then through the high-speed scanning galvanometer system, to engrave high-quality pattern on buttons. The laser flexibility processing can bring more inspiration to designers, it can make the small buttons more delicate. And its shape will be more fashionable and attractive.


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