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Co2 laser marking machine application on wooden hangers - Shenzhen Sun Laser

Hangers are an indispensable item in clothing stores. With hangers, merchants can show their clothes to customers better, so that customers can choose their favorite clothes.

Hangers are divided into wooden hangers, plastic hangers and metal hangers. Metal hangers and plastic hangers can be deformed when drying heavy clothes, and the cost is high. Therefore, most merchants choose wooden hangers which are low in cost without deformation.

As the market demand grows, there are more and more wooden hangers. In order to better identify the brand, each brand manufacturer will engrave its own LOGO pattern on the hanger. The traditional marking method cannot mark beautifully on wooden hangers, but co2 Laser marking machine can do it.

The laser of the Co2 laser marking machine uses carbon dioxide gas to charge the discharge tube as the medium for generating laser light. When high voltage is applied to the electrodes, glow discharge is generated in the discharge tube, the gas molecules can release the laser light. And after the laser energy is amplified, a laser beam is formed for material processing and automatic laser marking.

The co2 laser marking machine developed by Shenzhen Sun Laser is a laser marking device specially designed for marking wood products. It uses RF laser and high-speed galvanometer. The laser marking is fast and clear with permanent effect.


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