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Which aluminum alloy laser welding machine manufacturer is good? How much is it

Nowadays, aluminum alloy products are quite common, aluminum alloy doors, windows, pots and pans, etc., are all made of aluminum. The frequent use of aluminum alloys has also promoted the development of aluminum alloy continuous welding technology, which means the continuous Laser welding machine technology has entered the market for aluminum material applications. There are a lot of difficulties during the traditional aluminum alloy welding process, the heat resistance of aluminum alloy is very poor, generally aluminum alloy is not resistant to high temperature. It has large expansion coefficient, easy to produce welding deformation, and its welding crack tendency is also very obvious. It is difficult for the processing manufacturers to find a better welding method.

These seemingly inconspicuous flaws often bring unexpected troubles, and the continuous laser welding machine with laser welding technology can easily solve these problem, thus effectively ensuring the integrity of the workpiece not being damaged.

Since the laser beam of aluminum laser welding machine is realized by pulse or continuous laser, the laser welding machine has high energy density, low heat input, little thermal deformation, narrow melting zone, heat affected zone, deep penetration, fast cooling speed. It can obtain high-quality weld structure, and good joint performance. The metal material inside the sealed transparent objects can be welded, compared with the contact welding, the laser welding machine does not use electrode, which reduces the man-hours and cost.

How much is an aluminum laser welding machine? This is a relatively common question and one of the most controversial issues. Large and small laser welding machine equipment manufacturers spread all over the country. Due to the different sizes of manufacturer, the prices of laser welding machine are also different. The price of the branded laser welding machine will be higher, because its quality and crafts are guaranteed by the manufacturers, and the after-sales service is also very good, much better than that of some small workshops.

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