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Optical fiber continuous laser welding aluminum alloy door and window laser processing technology

Nowadays, aluminum alloy products are not uncommon. The aluminum alloy doors and windows, pots and pans are made of aluminum. The frequent use of aluminum alloys has also promoted the development of continuous welding technology for aluminum alloys, which means the continuous Laser welding machine technology and has entered the market for aluminum applications.

There are a lot of difficulties in the traditional welding process of aluminum alloys. For example, the thermal conductivity of aluminum alloy is very large, it is about 2-4 times than that of steel, and the heat resistance is very poor. Generally, aluminum alloys are not resistant to high temperature, and the expansion coefficient is large, which is easy to generate welding deformation and obvious crack tendency.

These seemingly inconspicuous leaks often bring unexpected troubles, and by laser welding technology the continuous laser welding machine can easily solve these small leaks, thus effectively ensuring the integrity of the workpiece without damage.

The aluminum alloy laser welding machine adopts a new type of laser welding technology and is a technological product of the new era. High degree of automation can not only achieve high efficiency, good operation, good welding effect, etc., but also greatly reduce labor costs and enhance product competitiveness. Laser welding of aluminum can be said to be perfect, it is the result of long term practice and improvement of laser welding technology.

Shenzhen Sunlaser's fiber continuous laser welding machine has fast welding speed, small deformation, no air bubbles. It can do non-contact welding for parts that are difficult to access, its operation is flexible. The welding spot energy distribution is uniform, which ensures the beauty and practicability of the welding workpiece. Multi-beam processing for mass production of products is possible, with the advantage of high output ratio in the same series of products.


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