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Application of Laser Marking Machine in LED Lighting Industry

The development of society has led to the rapid development of the global lighting industry. LED lights also quickly occupied the global lighting market. The reason why LED lamps replace conventional lamps is because they have obvious advantages. First, they are energy-saving and environmental protection, and second, they have a long service life. In recent years, LED lights have become the main lighting tool for shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, conference rooms, hospitals, and showcases.

With the development of the LED lighting industry, it plays a pivotal role in the production line. Marking equipment shows the unique personality of a product through packaging, which is the key to winning the consumer.

In order to prevent counterfeiting in the industry and effectively manage regional sales, and consumers can effectively use them, manufacturers will use some marks to identify their products.

There are two general marking methods. The first one is the traditional ink marking method. This traditional ink marking equipment consumes a large amount of special ink. The consumption of consumables is large and the cost is too high; the ink jet printer often suffers from ink clogging. Requires professional maintenance personnel, and the style of the product is single. The marking effect is easy to erase and change, which affects the credibility of the product.

The second is the laser marking method, which is also the method most manufacturers choose to mark their own products.

Compared to traditional ink coding, the Laser marking machine marks a permanent message that cannot be erased. It is formed by the instantaneous vaporization of the laser directly on the surface of the object and can be distinguished visually without any aids. Convenient for consumer identification. And no consumables, maintenance more convenient. Markable metals and a variety of non-metals are suitable for applications that require finer, more accurate, deeper depths. Therefore, most manufacturers have chosen the laser marking method to identify their own products.

The UV laser marking machine developed and produced by Sun Laser has a good beam quality and a very small focused spot, enabling ultra-fine marking. And most of the materials can absorb ultraviolet lasers, so the application is more extensive. Laser 20,000 hours free maintenance, no consumables, low cost of use, energy saving, has brought great benefits to many LED manufacturers.


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