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Which metal word laser welding machine manufacturer is good

The advertising words are divided into metal advertising characters and non-metallic advertising characters. Non-metallic advertising characters do not need to be welded, while metal advertising characters need to be welded. Metal advertising characters are made of stainless steel, brass, tinplate, galvanized sheet, cold rolled sheet and other metal sheets. Using the traditional argon arc welding to weld thin metal, the reverse surface is prone to burn, and has obvious deformation after burn. And the thick metal plates are costly and heavy, which increases the difficulty of outdoor installation.

The advertising word Laser welding machine is a kind of laser welding machine, generally composed of YAG solid-state laser, touch screen, adjustable waveform laser power supply, workbench with three-dimensional moving laser head, CCD monitoring system, welding focusing system and laser water cooling system. Compared with traditional welding methods, laser welding has the following advantages:

1. Mainly for thin-walled materials, precision parts spot welding, butt welding, stitch welding, sealing welding.
2. It has high depth ratio, small weld width, small heat affected zone, little deformation and fast welding speed.
3. The weld is smooth and beautiful, no need to be treated after welding or only simple processing is needed.
4. The weld quality is high, no porosity, it can reduce and optimize the impurities of the base metal, can be refined after the welding, the weld strength and toughness is at least equivalent to the base metal.
5. It can be precisely controlled, the focus spot is small, with high precision positioning, and it is easy to realize automation.
Which metal word laser welding machine manufacturer is good? Nowadays, there are many laser welding manufacturers in the domestic and foreign markets, the real good company not only has famous brand, but also has the key of stable quality.

When choosing a laser welding machine manufacturer, it is very necessary to know the laser welding machine manufacturers. In order to promote the word-of-mouth publicity, the more formal manufacturers will have higher quality and performance than the general manufacturers during the equipment production, it is more secure. At the same time, formal factory service will be more thoughtful. When choosing a laser welding machine, try to minimize the heat so that the laser beam can be focused on a small area for the welding of small similar parts.

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