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Laser marking machine application on beverage bottle packaging

With the arrival of summer, a lot of drinks and beverage appear. For the beverage manufacturers, it is good news, but some manufacturers felt headaches. While the demand for products increases, the production environment of beverages becomes damp. The bottle body may sway during processing, so the processing requirements are relatively high, the beverage bottle and bottle cap needs to be marked with the production date, the production batch number, and the like.

The chemical consumables used in the traditional marking method not only cause great pollution to the environment, but also have certain harm to the products, the marked product information is easy to erase, and the anti-counterfeiting property is not good. Therefore, there are lots of counterfeit imitation goods, the problem of cross region sale is serious, and the management on agents and distributors is poor, while the emergence of Laser marking machines perfectly solves these problems.

The laser marking machine high-energy laser beam focuses on the surface of the bottle cap or the beer glass bottle, under the action of high laser energy, the surface layer is physically vaporized in a very short time, leaving a smooth and textured mark pattern on the surface. At the same time, it can also control the effective displacement of the laser beam, and mark the beautiful pattern and text on the surface of the beverage bottle.

Compared with traditional marking methods, Laser marking equipment is more expensive than traditional ones. However, laser marking can leave clear, textured, permanent mark pattern on the surface of bottle cap, and they are not easy to wear off, this has a good anti-counterfeiting effect. It is a value-added processing method for the highly competitive bottle wine industry.

The UV laser marking machine of Shenzhen Sun Laser uses non-contact laser processing to solve various drawbacks of the traditional marking method. The laser marked anti-counterfeiting code has superior anti-counterfeiting performance and can effectively combat the “fake Products”. The bar code information is clear, beautiful, permanent, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, and difficult to erase. It can effectively prevent the market from cross region sale, and by the "QR code Traceability System" achieve full traceability, which can effectively strengthen the supervision on the distributors and agents throughout the country.


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