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How much is a metal parts laser welding machine?

In the manufacturing process of some products, the welding between materials is an indispensable process, especially in the manufacture of metal products, welding is a very important step. When the metal parts are welded by traditional welding method, the workpiece is prone to deformation, and the weld seam is too large, not beautiful. With the advent of laser welding technology, the traditional welding method is gradually replaced.

Laser welding is a high-efficiency precision welding method that uses high-energy-density laser beam as the heat source. That is, laser radiation heats the surface of the workpiece, and surface heat diffuses internally by heat conduction, by controlling the width, energy, peak power, and repetition frequency of the lases to form a specific molten pool on the workpiece. At present, due to its unique advantages, it has been widely used in precision welding of small and micro parts.

The metal Laser welding machine is mainly used for welding various metal parts. Whether it is an anisotropic metal or an isotropic metal, the metal laser welding machine can weld. The laser welding machine has high processing precision and high stability laser output, it can be accurately controlled and positioned by industrial computer, and is easy to implement automation. It is widely used in mobile communication, electronic components, glasses, clocks, jewelry, hardware, precision equipment, auto parts and other industries.

How much is a metal parts laser welding machine?

At present, the metal laser welding machines with cheap and expensive price are both available on the market. The prices depend on the welding process requirements of the products and the power of laser welding machine. Of course, the brand also has a certain influence.

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