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How does the laser marking machine mark black on the metal aluminum surface?

Metal black marking is generally for stainless steel. Ordinary Laser marking machines can mark black on stainless steel products, but for aluminum products, the situation is different.

Ordinary laser marking machine can only mark gray or black gray text information on metal products. To mark black on aluminum, it is a special fiber laser marking machine, also known as full pulse width laser marking machine. This laser marking machine can directly mark aluminum with black effect, magnesium aluminum, aluminum oxide, and various aluminum materials are all ok. Currently, the small words behind the iPhone shell or ipad shell are marked by this kind of fiber laser marking machine.

The principle of full pulse width laser marking machine is to use special fiber laser to output laser for laser black mark. It has high wall-plug efficiency, small size, and good beam quality. The pulse width adjustable mode can be used to adjust the frequency to 400Khz, which can directly mark the aluminum material with black effect. Therefore, the price of full pulse width laser marking machine will be higher than that of the ordinary laser marking machine.

Advantages of Shenzhen Sun Laser Aluminum Oxide Black Mark Special Fiber Laser Marking Machine:
1. Air-cooled device, smaller in size and more convenient to install.
2. Thin laser beam, little processing material consumption, and small processing heat affected zone.
3. High processing efficiency, computer control, easy to automate.
4. Marking is clearer and more beautiful, which is more suitable for the areas with high requirements on the depth, smoothness and fineness.
5. The laser output is stable with high reliability, which can meet the production requirements of 24-hour continuous stable processing. 


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