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Laser marking machine application on tablet computer logo

At present, tablet pc has become the popular electronic product. In order to highlight their own brand, the manufacturers prefer to mark their own logo and some text information on the back side of their own products. These beautiful-looking and unique brand logos, have extremely high carving requirements. The tablet back cover Logo lettering must be done without any pressing or wear on the back cover.

The traditional marking method is using silk screen printing. Silk screen printing has heavy ink smell, it is not delicate, and the printing effect is not ideal. The ink composition used in silk screen printing is heavy metal chemical element, which has serious pollution to the environment.

While using Laser marking machine to mark logo on tablet pc, the whole process is non-contact, and the marking is exquisite and permanent. It has high ability of anti-counterfeit, no pollution.

The metal laser marking machine uses fiber laser to output beam, and then implement the marking function through high-speed scanning galvanometer. It has high wall-plug efficiency, air cooling system, small size, good output beam quality, and high reliability.

The fiber laser marking machine developed by Shenzhen Sunlaser is widely used for marking various logos on tablet computers. It is equipped with industrial computer and can print various characters, symbols and patterns. The character size can range from millimeters to micrometers, which has special significance for product anti-counterfeit.


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