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What does a robot laser welding machine consist of?

With the development of laser technology, there are more and more applications of automation equipment, so the demand for robot Laser welding machine is gradually increasing.

Welding robots are industrial robots that are engaged in welding, including cutting and painting. According to the definition by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), industrial robot is a standard welding robot, it is a versatile, reprogrammable, and automatic control manipulator with three or more programmable axes for industrial automation.

Compared with ordinary laser welding machines, the advantages of the Shenzhen Sun Laser robot laser welding machine are:
1. Stabilize and improve the welding quality, and reflect the welding quality in the form of numerical values.
2. Improve labor productivity.
3. Improve the labor intensity of workers, and it can work in harmful environments.
4. Reduce the requirements for workers' operating technology.
5. Shorten the preparation period for product modification and reduce the corresponding equipment investment.
The basic working principle of the welding robot is teaching and playback, that is, the robot is guided by the user, and the operation is performed step by step according to the actual task. The robot automatically memorizes the position, posture, motion parameters and welding parameters of each action during the guiding process, and automatically generate a program that performs all operations in succession. 
The robot laser welding machine is composed of the following parts:
1. The robot body is generally a 6-axis articulated manipulator driven by a servo motor. It consists of drive, transmission mechanism, robot arm, joint, and internal sensor. Its mission is to precisely ensure the position, posture and trajectory required by the tip of the robot (gun).
2. The robot control cabinet, which is the nerve center of the robot system, including computer hardware, software and some special circuits, it is responsible for processing all the information in the working process of robot and controlling all its actions.
3. Welding power system, including welding power, special welding torch, etc.
4. Welding sensors and system safety protection facilities.
5. Welding chucks. 


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