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Laser welding machine application on stainless steel hip flask

Alcohol is an indispensable drinking beverage in people's lives. In modern or ancient times, in China or abroad, there are people who are fond of liquor. The wines produced today are contained by glassware and ceramics. The fragility of the glass makes the wine very unfavorable for carrying, but people quickly solve this problem, that is, using stainless steel to make small hip flasks. The advent of this kind of jug is the gospel of the majority of wine lovers.

Because of its vast market, it attracts businesses to invest. As the market competition becomes more and more fierce, many hip flask manufacturers begin to think of low-input, high-return production methods in order to compete in the market. The traditional welding method has large heat-affected area, and the workpiece often has deformation after repair, this leads to the lack of product appearance. The application of Laser welding machines on stainless steel hip flasks appears.

The stainless steel hip flask laser welding machine is a Laser welding equipment that uses high-energy pulsed laser to work. The laser can weld precisely after being expanded, reflected and focused. Because the laser welding machine has small power and short welding time, it saves energy.

The metal stainless steel hip flask laser welding machine not only reduces the cost of the jug manufacturers, but also speeds up the production speed. The wine jug after laser welding is beautiful without deformation, it also save the polishing and polishing procedure. It is deeply favored by the hip flask manufacturers.

Shenzhen Sunlaser's fiber laser welding machine can weld stainless steel hip flask. The welding speed is fast, the weld bead is white and shiny, there is no color difference after welding. The weld seam is beautiful, smooth with no pores, which perfectly improves the quality and grade of the hip flask.


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