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Comparison between laser welding machine and argon arc welding machine

Laser welding machine is a kind of high-energy beam welding. Laser equipment welding uses high-power coherent monochromatic photon flux focused laser beam welding for heat source. The advantage is that it does not need to be carried out in a vacuum, enabling precise energy control and thus soldering of precision devices. It can be applied to many metals, in particular to the welding of difficult-to-weld metals and dissimilar metals. Has been widely used for mold repair.

Argon arc welding Argon arc welding is a type of arc welding. It mainly uses the arc that is continuously fed between the welding wire and the workpiece as a heat source, and the gas emitted from the torch nozzle protects the arc for welding. At present, argon arc welding is a common method and can be applied to most major metals including carbon steel and alloy steel. MIG welding is applicable to stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium, zirconium, and nickel alloys. Due to its low price, it is widely used for mold repair welding. However, welding heat has a large area of impact, large solder joints, etc. Precision mold repair has been gradually replaced by laser welding.

The difference between laser welding and argon arc welding. Argon arc welding is a kind of arc welding. The arc that is burned between the continuously fed wire and the workpiece is used as the heat source. The gas emitted from the torch nozzle is used to protect the arc but it is welded. Heat-affected area, large solder joints and other shortcomings, argon arc welding uses non-consumable electrode and protective gas, commonly used to weld thin workpieces, but the welding speed is slow, and the heat input is much larger than the laser welding, easy to produce distortion; and laser welding Welds are characterized by a small range of heat-affected zones, narrow welds, fast cooling of welds, small changes in weld metal properties, and hard welds. At present, argon arc welding has been replaced by laser welding in precision welding.

The difference between laser welding and argon arc welding is shared here. When welding thin-walled materials, laser welding machines are better. If welding materials are thick, if the welding speed and welding accuracy are not very high, then it is more cost-effective to use an argon arc welding machine, but if you do not care about the cost, use a laser welding machine or more. it is good.


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